Anchor Point Foundation

What We Do

The Anchor Point Foundation supports a broad range of efforts by individuals and organizations who are working to improve their communities in the following areas: arts, education, entrepreneurship, climate, conservation, and the environment, health and human services, international development, progressive public policy, racial and social justice, and women and girls.

We aspire to help the world be one connected community and believe everyone should have access to opportunities to lead a fulfilling and healthy life. We are committed to the power of technology to create positive change. In achieving our goals, we help start new non-profit organizations and support ones that have been around for over 100 years.

The Anchor Point Foundation was founded by the husband and wife team Brad Feld and Amy Batchelor. What started approximately 25 years ago as a few small donations to their respective colleges – MIT for Brad and Wellesley College for Amy – has blossomed into a wide-ranging, multi-faceted, philanthropic endeavor spanning many issues and supporting a diverse array of non-profit organizations.

The name Anchor Point originally came from Amy’s birthplace, Anchor Point, Alaska. But for this organization and its beneficiaries, its meaning symbolizes solid, unwavering support.